Contributing to WebAssembly

It’s quite complicated, I’m doing my best here to simplify the process.

The Community Group

The CG is the governing body that determines WebAssembly’s features and their implementation. The group is free to join, with only one caveat. Your work must be both open and free, thus your employer must not be able to claim your work.

Click here for the site to join the community group.

If it is remotely possible that you’ll be working on a proposal then join the CG and start attending the monthly meetings. I recomend offering to take notes for the first couple of meetings. It’s always needed, welcomed, and will force you to getup to speed.


Every new proposal goes through five phases. Exact details

The process is long… If you want to be writing code the proposal must be at least in phase two, when initial prototypes and test suites are made. Big contributions are made on stage three when embedders implement the feature.

Stage two is the best place to hop onto if you want to experiment and help implement on some project. See how Google is doing this with multithreading.